Practice Management Software

Your practice could benefit greatly from software that helps you manage the various aspects of your dental office. Patterson Dental offers several software systems that can be used to streamline your office and increase productivity dramatically. You will be amazed at how much easier the processes in your office are handled with software that is designed to handle it. Jenna Lowthert, a Patterson representative, can assess your practice and put together a customized software management system for your dental office. If you wish to contact her about her services, her email is and her phone number is 862-432-0823.

Patient Scheduling

Scheduling can be handled much more efficiently with a system that is dedicated to patient schedules. You will no longer have to wonder whether or not your patient has canceled their appointment or is running late. All the information that you need will be right in front of you and easily accessible. It can also help you manage patient reminders so that they do not accidentally miss appointments. Their dental health may suffer, and they may not visit your office as much as they should, resulting in the loss of potential revenue.

Accessible Information

Information can be readily accessible at any time that you need it with cloud-based technology. It is possible to access information from smartphones, tablets, and laptops from anywhere in the world. Patients will enjoy this access to their health and dental records, giving them more insight into their dental needs and encouraging excitement for dental visits. You will also be able to better manage information about your staff as well, such as schedules and incoming revenue. It is also possible to create a timeline of patient information so that you can see their dental development.

Orthodontic Dentistry

If you do orthodontic work, then Jenna Lowthert at Patterson Dental Reps has options for your dental office to make orthodontic work more seamless. This system can help you create and manage 2D or 3D images of teeth so that orthodontic treatments can be outlined and put into place. Everything is fully integrated so that both you and the patient have all the information needed to make informed decisions and carry out treatment with ease.