Having the necessary supplies to run your dental business efficiently is very important. You do not want to be caught without necessary equipment or materials to perform treatments that patients need. You cannot provide adequate care if you do not have the right products. If you run out of higher quality products, you may be tempted to use expired or lower quality materials for dental treatments. Jenna Lowthert from Patterson Dental Reps can work with your office and eliminate inventory issues.


Proper equipment is necessary to have a properly-functioning dental office. At Patterson Dental Reps, you can get high-quality equipment with no down payment. This means that you can quickly have access to the equipment that you need if all their equipment is malfunctioning or expired. Your patients will not have to wait longer than necessary to receive the dental care that they are seeking from your business. You will be able to provide them with what they need in as little time as possible when working with Jenna.


Jenna Lowthert is skilled at organizing dental practices so that they can function as efficiently as possible. If you do not have a system in place, things can go wrong very fast. You may not be able to continue treating patients if you do not have the necessary materials. There are several systems that may be able to work for your company, but Jenna can take an in-depth look at your business and create a customized plan to increase productivity and make sure that your practice never runs out of necessary materials.

Plan to Spend

You should have a system in place for assessing future spending and buying materials when they are on sale. Certain times of the year are best when purchasing dental products due to seasonal changes. A dental consultant knows exactly when to purchase products so that you spend as little money as possible on inventory. Your supplies do not have to drain your revenue. It does not have to be a detriment to your business to keep your materials supplied. If this is the case, then email Jenna Lowthert at or reach her by phone at 862-432-0823.