Your dental office and patients can benefit greatly from implementing e-services by Patterson representatives. Jenna Lowthert is one professional that can work with your office and install a system that helps streamline all of your dental practice’s daily functions. There are several features that come with the system so that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. Your employees will be able to find patient information much faster. Contact Jenna by email at Jenna.lowthert@pattersondental.com or by phone at 862-432-0823 for e-service inquiries.

Manage Patient Information

You can easily manage patient information with a system that is capable of doing so. You can quickly pull up patient information when they arrive for dental visits so that you do not have to ask them a series of questions that they have answered already. This will also make patients feel more important to your business, as they will see that you keep track of their activity. Keeping their information easily accessible also reduces the amount of time that it takes for them to get checked in for their dental appointment. You can also compare differences and track changes in their health.


You can also easily keep track of patients billing and other operations with a streamlined system. You can create statements for patients and submit them so that they will be automatically mailed to the responsible parties. Return envelopes will also be provided to encourage patients to pay. This reduces the amount of money you spend on sending individual patient statements being mailed out on a regular basis by dental staff. You can also keep track of whether patients have signed up for financing plans or not so that you can suggest options for their payment.

Cloud Backup

Your patient information will be safer than ever with Internet back up technology. Everything that you enter on the system will be uploaded to the cloud and stored so that if anything happens to your information, you will be able to get back anything that is missing or damaged. It is important to be prepared for anything, and this includes the loss of patient information.