About Jenna Lowthert
Jenna Lowthert is a highly-skilled Patterson Dental representative. She graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Public Relations and a second one in Business and Managerial Communications. She is experienced in the dental field and working with patients one-on-one as a patient care coordinator. Her dental career has been more than 10 years in the making, and she continues to grow skills in the dental marketing field.


Jenna knows how to gain customers and clientele for your business by getting their attention and raising interest in dental services. She has worked with diverse groups of individuals to become the marketing expert she is today. Her goal is to help each dental practice develop better practices and increase their functionality by implementing new strategies and investing in new technology.

Highly Skilled

She is well-versed on dental products, services, and other important industry information. Your business will be in good hands with Jenna Lowthert working on your team and using her skills to improve growth in your dental practice. Patients will be thoroughly impressed with the intuitive changes put in place during your time working with a Patterson Dental Reps professional. Her 10+ years of experience are highly beneficial to practicing dental professionals that previously found it difficult to increase revenue and productivity while focusing on patient health.


Organization is the key to running any dental practice efficiently. Jenna has the necessary skills to maintain accurate dental records and keep customer information streamlined so that it is easily accessible. She is also experienced at implementing ways to keep track of financial activity as well as other important areas that should be monitored. Your office will run smoother than you have ever seen it.

Contact Information

If you would like to get in contact with Jenna, you can find her at Patterson Dental Reps. She can be reached by email at Jenna.lowthert@pattersondental.com for any inquiries you may have about how your dental practice can benefit from a qualified dental consultant. Jenna can also be reached over the phone by dialing 862-432-0823. Feel free to get in contact with her about your dental consulting needs.